Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Basic Information - moonpix
Hi!  I'm Rachel Farrar.  I started photography as a hobby taking pictures of my own child.  Then I started taking pictures for my friends.  Then I branched out to other types of photography.  Photography is not my full-time job.  I am currently in law school and do photography on the side for 2 very important reasons.  1) I think it's fun, so for me it is a good stress reliever; and 2) extra cash always helps.

You can get in contact with my by phone or text at 918.645.0213, by email at, or through Facebook.

My current price is $35 for a standard session (up to 1 hour of shooting) and $20 for a CD with digital images and a print releases.  This price is only good through the end of 2012, then the prices below apply.  Prints are available at the prices listed.

I decided to raise my rates at the end of the year because at my current rate, I'm actually paying out more in photography supplies than I bring in.  (Not a good business plan!)  I could just stop spending money on photography supplies, but then I wouldn't be growing creatively as much as I'd like to.

Prices Starting 2013:

Print and Product Prices:
(Note that the price of digital images on a CD will go up to $50 in 2013, but will remain $20 for the rest of 2012)

I intend to keep my prices modest.  I've been poor.  I know how expensive quality photography can be.  I had originally planned on creating print and product packages, but quickly figured out that I think it is too limiting.  How am I supposed to know how many 4x6s someone would want?  And if they like giant prints like I do or not?  So instead, all my print prices are a la cart.

(The following chart includes the 2013 prices, but can still assist in making decisions for 2012 photoshoots)

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Pinterest Posts

Welcome Pinners!!

Thanks for checking me out!  For now, I'm posting all the images I want to introduce to Pinterest on this post so I don't have to repeat my information every time I have something to upload.

I'm a part-time/hobby photographer out of Tulsa, OK.  I mainly showcase my work on Facebook, but Pinterest won't allow pins from there.  You can check out my facebook page at  My contact information is also on that page.

On to the good stuff!!!

September 1, 2012
Baby Olivia at home (Part of the New Baby Package)

August 20, 2012
Baby Olivia at the hospital (Part of the New Baby Package)

August 14, 2012
Baby Olivia's maternity shoot (Part of the New Baby Package)

August 7, 2012
Lindsay - black dress

Lindsay - black shirt

Lindsay - green shirt

Lindsay - Superman shirt

August 1, 2012
Caitlyn - headband

Caitlyn - polkadots

June 10, 2012
Emily & Brooklyn - princess shoot

April 1, 2012
Chris & Lindsay