Saturday, December 10, 2011

When life hands you lemons, photoshop them into rare yellow diamonds! (Or something..)

I recently joined the Pinterest bandwagon. I haven't found it as addicting (yet) as others, but I have found it useful in coming up with ideas for pictures. One of the ones I saw a lot of and loved were various "props" or scenes drawn in sidewalk chalk. Then your person lays down on the ground to line up with the drawing. This is how it is SUPPOSED to work:

(image from pinterest)

(image from pinterest)

So I set out to try it. I drew a Christmas tree and wrote "Happy Holidays!" I discovered my driveway is in desperate need of repairs to be chalk art worthy and that my toddler is TOTALLY uninterested in cooperating. Instead of ending up with a pretty chunk of concrete with my son laying down and smiling by my hand drawn tree, I got this:

Cracked driveway. Different types of concrete. Wet spots from where the frost had been melting off my car. Oh, and a photo subject who is totally uninterested in even looking at the camera, let alone laying down and cooperating with my ~vision~. But, whatever. I figured I could use this opportunity to practice my photo editing skills. And so that is what I did. Here's the after:

For a beginner, I'll call it a win.