Friday, July 27, 2012

Session Prices

New fees go into effect January 1, 2013.


Sitting fee for a 1-hr photoshoot - $50.00

-          -     Includes a minimum of 5 low resolution digital images with a prominent moonpix watermark
-          -     NO print release.  (Remember, I’m a law student by day.  Consider yourself warned.)

Digital Images CD - $50.00 (FREE when you purchase a minimum of $75 worth of prints or other products)
-          -     Includes a minimum of 10 high resolution digital images without a watermark
-          -     Includes a release to print images
-          -     Includes a release to post images to social media so long as credit is given
-          -     Does NOT include a release to sell the images or to them distribute to any kind of publication (magazine, newspaper, yearbook, etc.)
o   NOTE:  If you wish to use one of the images for such a purpose, contact me with information about the type of publication and I may give you permission.  Permission will not be granted unless there is a guarantee of photo credit or if the image used has a watermark.  I can provide this if you need it.

s   Locations outside the Tulsa area cost extra to compensate for additional travel time and fuel expense.
    Additional time can be purchased to extend and standard 1-hour photoshoot.

     New Baby Package - $100.00 (Or $150.00 to get CDs of all 3 shoots – Typically $50 each) 
-          -    Maternity photo shoot
-          -    Birth location mini-shoot
o   The pictures the hospital takes suck, right?  I’ll come to the hospital (or out-of-hospital birth location) to take some “first pictures” that will be better quality AND more affordable
o   Out-Of-Hospital Birthers:  Contact me for additional options
-          -    Newborn photo shoot
o   Best if taken while your baby is still in the “super sleepy” stages, within the first 7-10 days of life
o   Taken in your home (Locations outside Tulsa area extra to compensate for additional travel time and fuel expenses.)

First Year Package - $150 (Or $225 to get CDs of all 4 shoots – Typically $50 each)
-          -    3 month photo shoot
-          -    6 month photo shoot
-          -    9 month photo shoot
-          -    1 year photo shoot

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