Thursday, January 12, 2012

Week 2

This week's challenge was "Made With Love"

Week 2 - Made With Love

My grandmother gave me this silver bell for Christmas in 2000. This was the last Christmas she was alive. The bell is inscribed with my name and the year. Even though this is a Christmas bell, I keep it on the shelf by my bed all year long.

Looking at this picture is the first time I have really realized how badly it needs to be polished. Part of me wants to polish
it so it is as pretty and shiny as it was the day I got it. Another part of me feels like in its current state, it is a relic from 12 years ago. I think I like the relic.


  1. What a beautiful memory of your grandmother!

  2. I like it tarnished. It's sweet that you keep it out all year long. I love that.

  3. I love it. And what a great memory! I wold leave it as is. No polishing. It seems more 'connected' this way! :)

  4. That photo is exceptional Rachel. What a loving memory of your Grandmother.