Tuesday, February 4, 2014

52 Week* Photo challenge

So I'm doing a 52 week photo challenge.  I included an asterisk in the title because, well, I know myself well enough to know I won't be doing a photo a week.  Sometimes I'll go several weeks without a photo.  Sometimes I'll do several in a day.  But my goal is to get these 52 shots done by the end of the year - and to do them in order.  Of course, I'm a month into the year and I've only done one photo.  But that's because I know the shot I want for the week 2 picture and I'm waiting until I can catch it.

So here's the 52 week challenge and my Week 1 photo:

Week 1: Self-Portrait
(c) moonpix

The most difficult part about this was getting it in focus because my portrait lens doesn't have auto-focus.  That meant I had to basically keep myself an arm's length from the camera to be able to adjust it.  VERY limiting when it comes to posing that way.